Awesome Music Store in Kuwait – Salmeen Musical Instruments

I was strolling around Old Salmiya when I stumbled upon this cool music store called Salmeen Musical Instruments. The shop itself is small and a bit crowded, but that’s because they’re packed with lots of guitars, guitar accessories, drum accessories!

The owner, Mohammed, has worked hard to get good brands and lots of cool stuff into his shop. The brands the store sells include Walden, Korg, Gator, Vox, Mapex, Planet Waves, D’Addario, Remo, Paiste, Evans, and lots more. It’s great if you’re looking for drum heads, drum cymbals, or some guitar strings. They also have lots of guitars from Walden and D’Addario for sale and electric pianos from Korg for sale.

It’s a really nice, small shop with a super friendly owner who I find to be a genuine and truthful guy. I highly recommend checking it out when you’re looking to buy some musical instruments or accessories.

Salmeen Musical Instruments is locaed in Salmiya on Salam Al Mubarak Street.
Phone number: 9966 0318

  • Mohammad Faheem

    Thanks buddy :) I am glad you liked our shop, and our customer service. thanks alot for a good review :)

    • teddy fernandes

      do you sell hi-hat stands also ????

  • danny down low

    most of your items are over priced…example the vox sdc 33 series is less than $300 (kd100) and your selling it kd 200 and your not even on the authorized distributor/reseller list… you have good brands but i was hoping you sell it on a fair price…

    • yousefq8

      I totally disagree. I find their prices to be quite fair and sometimes they have some great deals.

      • AbdulrahmanA

        hi can you answer my question please! THANKS

    • Bastian Victor

      well said…

  • AbdulrahmanA

    I have been looking for a fender Stratocaster electric guitar with a sunburst color but i cant find it, do they have it here? If not, are there any other guitar shops in Kuwait that have this guitar or other good ones. Many thanks to whoever can answer my question please!!!

    • yousefq8

      Check Al-Dawaliya shops for Fender products. Don’t know what their inventory is but they probably only have Squier guitars. You should check out my guide on how to order musical instruments for cheap shipping from the german store

      • AbdulrahmanA

        Thanks very much but i changed my mind, I saw that this store has Ibanez guitars and i’m going to buy one.

  • AbdulrahmanA

    Also can i get it for a good price anywhere

  • Nazeem Nassution

    hi can you come rape me i live in mahbulla

    • AbdulrahmanA

      Whats wrong with you!

  • Sara

    is that it??? great choice!!!!!

  • paul

    hi am paul and iam looking electric drum kit will i get it at your shop if yes pls tell me the price or if not suggest me some good shop pls tell me address too thank u so mush

    • Mike

      hey paul do you still need an electric drum kit? I have one for sale.

      • Hussien Gaber

        what drum kit you have

  • karin

    this is just AMAZING :)

  • Laseba

    Is new york LC 3992c classical guitar available?if so,what is its price

  • alyhedayat

    do u guys have drums plzzzzzzz tell me that u do

  • ali wassabi


  • Bastian Victor

    Salmeen musical stores your prices are very high and not reasonable also.for example an drumstick promark costs 6.000 kwd in your store where is in USA it is only 3.99 usd yours costs 21.000 usd…..Yousefi electronics sell it for 3.000 kwd the same with Dawliah electronics they sell at reasonable price.
    No doubt you have some good stuff bt very high priced…

  • salemq8911

    i am finding electric rock guitar for 40-90 k.d kwd plz help me to find it